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McMillin Homes, Imperial, CA - 20 House Pads
House Demo - Strip down to bare pad
ROSE PUMP - Rebuild Slopes, drain lines, place structure and place rip-rap
April 2010 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake - These are cracks from the EQ in various spots throughout the Imperial Valley that we repaired
RICE 3 Spill at the Imperial Wetlands - April 2010 7.2 Mag Earthquake ripped the panels apart.  We repaired them
RICE 3 Spill - The night we found it destroyed, the water was still running full speed and ripping the banks apart
The massive pump line we needed to bypass the spill
April 2010 7.2 Magnitude Earthquale Repair - Building banks back up that the water washed away from the swishing of the water
April 2010 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake - Repairing Canal Banks in Calexico, CA
East Highline Recovery Pumps - We regraded the terrain and installed class II base to help divert the water back in the drain. A large storm caused massive erosion
HWY 111 Bypass - Install large crossings for the new highway to pass over.  Size ranging from 36" diameter pipe to 72" diameter pipe
Lifting a structure to move and get ready for installation
Loading a truck to remove excess dirt - That excavators bucket is as large as a good sized loader bucket
HWY 111 - Relining a canal that we crossed over during the project
ALL AMERICAN CANAL - Slope building, rip rap placement and regrading the road
GAS LINE ROAD - Storm water run off project
New Port of Entry Project - Storm Drain Box Installation & Water Line
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